Available Services


Team Workshops


Communicate more effectively through practice, presenting and giving and receiving feedback.


Understand how you are perceived; identify and connect with opposite types; develop greater self-awareness. 


Get the best out of your team. Double-down on your strengths and be aware of your blindspots.


Learn and practice a simple coaching process, develop action plans and create ownership. Practice handling conflict in real scenarios.



We facilitate clarity on the desired outcomes, and support individuals and teams through specifically tailored interventions to create momentum, ownership, leadership and results. 


We facilitate conversations in order to take the temperature, map out the vision and values of the team. Each environment and challenge is different, and our flexible approach ensures a strategy is developed congruent to the team's beliefs, resources and strengths.


The climate in which we operate is critical to our well-being and our performance. We adapt our approach to fit the needs and personality of the team, and facilitate a greater self-awareness, connectivity and cohesion from within.  

Personal and Professional Development Coaching

Typically, individuals seek out coaching for one of the following reasons:

  • Clarify purpose and direction

  • Career change

  • Increase impact or performance

  • Safe space to be supported or challenged

In order to ensure the right fit, we organise a complimentary 'get to know you' 45-60 minute session, and following that - we will agree a package of coaching sessions or a regular appointment. Typically 90-120 minutes per session. 

Leadership Workshops


Through a blended learning journey that provides leaders with planning, implementation and reflection tools to drive impact in employee engagement, productivity, team motivation, team effectiveness and practically develop growth-minded, principle-centred cultures.


We apply the insights of relevant diagnostic and psychometric tools, with an understanding of perception, projection and preferences to team and individual based practices that drive impact on personal effectiveness and growth, employee engagement and communication.

Emotional Intelligence

We create scenarios where the need for emotional intelligence is high when both leading and managing teams that drive impact on personal and team effectiveness, employee engagement, relationships, communication and customer satisfaction.


Spotlighting ambiguity, complexity, pressure and changing demands, we use coaching scenarios and leadership simulations to drive impact on personal creativity and team effectiveness, productivity, employee engagement, innovation and change management.